• At 10 p.m. on Wednesday October 26, Italian solo sailor Gaetano Mura on board his Class40 Italia left Puerto Banùs, on the Spanish coast

  • At 05:20 CEST today, Mura crossed the line off Gibraltar’s Trinity Lighthouse, to officially start his round-the-world record attempt

  • John Puddifoot, officer from the World Sailing Speed Record Council, declares:“Evertything on board is all right.”

  • I’m ok, I’m well rested, I’m feeling the right mix of calm and anticipation.” says the skipper from Sardinia

     At 10 p.m. yesterday, Italian solo sailor Gaetano Mura on board his Class40Italia, has left Puerto Banùs on the Spanish coast, where he spent some days to complete the formalities connected to his Gibraltar-to-Gibraltar sailing round the world record attempt. From the village close to Marbella Gaetano headed to the starting line, positioned south to the Trinity Lighthouse, on the famous Europa Point marking the extremity of the Rock of Gibraltar. By crossing the line today at dawn, at 05:20 CEST, Mura officially kicked off his Solo Round the Globe Record project, that will take him around the planet promoting the colours of his native country.


   Yesterday the Italian skipper completed all the bureaucratic procedures to have his record attempt ratifiedand everything went to plans, as confirmed by John Puddifoot, member of the World Sailing Speed Record Council (WSSRC) who worked on site with Gaetano to check all the details. “The work was all right, we found the boat in perfect conditions, everything is ok on board and we could install our own instruments that will gather and store all the data on the course, thanks to Gaetano and his shore team’s help.” Puddifoot, who has been working for the WSSRC for a long time and based on his experience with other skippers, confirmed that the Italian sailor is: “In top form, in good spirits and very determined. I believe he is in the best conditions to leave for such a tough and demanding challenge.”

 From his part,Gaetano Mura said goodbye to his team and supporters in his usual shy and straightforward way. “I’m feeling good, I’m well rested and I’m feeling the right mix of calm and anticipation, as if it were the first start. Despite it being technically a second start, for me it feels like a real debut. My goal stays the same: sail around the world and live my dream. My shore team and family were here with me, helping with the preparations. I’m very satisfied that John too confirmed that the boat is well set. I’ve stored some more fresh food, that I had consumed in the navigation from Cagliari, and I’m going to leave port soon. Weather conditions are good, there will be a fresher wind at Gibraltar tomorrow morning and some adverse current. I’d love to say goodbye a give a hug to everyone, thanks for following my adventure. I’ll keep you posted with my blogs from Italia!”

 Once out of the Straight and into the Atlantic ocean, heading towards the Canary Islands, Gaetano could push Italia faster and after sailing along the European Coast, logged in miles towards the open sea. The forecasted weather conditions have been confirmed by Andrea Boscolo, Gaetano’s meteorological advisor. Italia will come across a couple of days of unstable conditions, with some rainstorms and windstorms generated by a low-pressure system over the area. Only after having left the Canaries to starboard, on Sunday, Italia will be able to profit from more set conditions and enter a more favourable flow of Trade Winds to head South.