A submarine, two hovercraft, an aircraft with folding wings, a floating car, inflatable toys. Those are just few of the incredible and original water toys MC Yacht International’s Oceanemo can be equipped with. The La Spezia based Company, creator of the project, has infact signed specific partnership agreement with major internationals companies specialized in creating the most curious marin gadgets to make Oceanemo the first and only range of Sport Utility Yacht in the world.



– Continual success for the OceaNemo project, new concept elaborated by MC Yacht International giving life to the first series of Sport Utility Yachts worldwide. The project, born from a collaboration between Aldo Manna – CEO of MC Yacht –, designer Fulvio De Simoni, and the conviction of French shipyard Ocea – who will be building the series-, now sees the enthusiastic allegiance of various new partners, designers and producers of gadgets, amenities and toys that can be embarked. Among these, the Texan FunAir and from the U.K., NautiBuoy. Both producers of aquatic inflatables. The former with slides and trampolines and the latter with handmade multifunctional platforms.

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One of the strong points of the new Sport Utility Yachts is that of the exceptional offer of alternative and limitless entertainment. The owner will be able to choose from a vast range of toys to explore the sea further once anchored or in port. For instance, Quadrofoil, Slovenian company proposing the first all-electric hydrofoiling watercraft, silent and eco-friendly. Or, for those wanting to explore the depths, an exciting immersion with Seamagine, Californian producer specialized in submersibles and submarines for private use with depths ranging from 150 to 1500 meters deep with patented submarine technology that provides excellent surface stability as well as superior underwater performance.


Fotos:Sculati & Partners
Fotos:Sculati & Partners

For those interested in exploring the sea and the mainland, the Marlin II and III, best-selling two/three seat hovercraft by The British Hovercraft Company, specialized in recreational hovercraft for private use.
Onboard the OceaNemo 44, all these toys can be stored in the full beam waterline garage, designed especially for housing water toys and all the equipment necessary for relaxing and fun moments. The unique raised deck, on the other hand, can hold at the same time both a 19’ to 30’ Sportfisherman and a 30’to 33’ Day-Sailor produced by MC Yacht’s partners Al Custom e Brenta respectively.


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Most discerning owners will not want to forget the flying experience! Thanks to SeaMax Easy, the OceaNemo 44 will also have its own innovative aircraft. A change of point of view with this new amphibious light sport aircraft with wings that fold in just 10 minutes.
Last but not least, from California, the WaterCar, probably the most fun amphibious vehicle on the Planet. Capable of high speeds on both land and water with seamless transition, the WaterCar reaches speeds of up to 44mph on water and 55+ mph on land.

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Other partnerships will be announced over the few months. The fact is that the vast stowage that the OceaNemo Sport Utility Yacht range offers will consent the owner to also have onboard canoes, kite-boards, SeaBobs, Jetboards and basically any other toy that the Owner can imagine. All for the fun of family and guests.

*Edição – Adilson Pacheco
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