GUYOT environnement Team Europe set sights on leg 4

The Ocean Race 2022-23 - 4 March 2023, Leg 3. GUYOT environnement - Team Europe repair in Cape Town.

GUYOT environnement Team Europe has announced they will abandon leg 3 of The Ocean Race and devote their efforts to rejoining the race in Itajai, Brazil ahead of leg 4.

The release issued by the team said:

“The decision has been made. We had no choice. If we had resumed the third leg and sailed around the Southern Ocean to Itajaí, we would not have had time to prepare for the next leg. We would then have always been late on the other legs as well. In Itajaí, we still have 60 percent of the race to go. We lose 20 percent now, but then we will be ready for the remaining 60 percent,” explained skipper Benjamin Dutreux.

After the NDT of the yacht, no further damage was found apart from the delaminated area on the port side of the hull in the cabin area, but the repair will still take some time. The current weather in Cape Town with wind and rain is not playing into the team’s cards. In order to be able to carry out the work, the yacht was placed on the cradles between the two team containers. Sheets were used to create a working area that was as protected from the rain as possible.

The Ocean Race 2022-23 – 4 March 2023, Leg 3. GUYOT environnement – Team Europe repair in Cape Town.

Before the delaminated area can be opened from the outside, the tech team around Thomas Cardrin reinforced the inner area with carbon laminate. On Wednesday, the outer carbon layer of the hull will be cut open and the Nomex core removed. The inner carbon layer will remain. The honeycomb structure will be replaced by a foam sandwich core, which will be glued in place on Thursday. The GUYOT environnement – Team Europe received great help from Team Holcim in procuring the foam board and carbon fibres, as the special materials required were not readily available in South Africa.

After gluing in the sandwich foam, the open area will be laminated again with carbon fibres on Friday morning. Filling, sanding and lacquering work should complete the process by Sunday, before the yacht is likely to be back in the water on Tuesday next week.

“Meanwhile, the sailing team is preparing for the transfer and the next stages. We can’t intervene with the repairs, we have four experienced boat builders for that,” says Dutreux. In addition, a specialist from Holcim is assisting with the work. “We are now planning the delivery and the next legs. The transfer to Itajaí will be made by part of the sailing crew and the technical team.”

Thomas Cardrin, head of the tech team at GUYOT environnement – Team Europe, expects the yacht to be back to 100 per cent load after the repairs.

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