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Photos © Sailing Energy / GC32 Racing Tour
Photos © Sailing Energy / GC32 Racing Tour

About the GC32 Racing Tour: 

2018 is the fifth year of the GC32 Racing Tour. This southern European-centred circuit for one design foiling catamarans, seeks to attract both private owner-driven boats and commercially-backed teams with a race format aimed at providing the best foiling catamaran experience for participants. This remit includes choosing venues known to provide optimum wind conditions for foiling and race courses large enough to enable the boats to hit maximum speeds.

About the GC32 

The GC32 is a 10m long (12m including bowsprit) by 6m wide foiling catamaran conceived by Laurent Lenne and designed by Dr Martin Fischer, now part of the Groupama Team France design team. It is built in carbon fibre by Premier Composite Technologies in Dubai.


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The GC32 is fitted with T-foil rudders and J-shaped daggerboards/foils, conceptually similar to those used on the America’s Cup catamarans, with adjustable rake on all appendages. However relative to the boat’s size, the foils are substantially larger, allowing the GC32 to foil even in low wind speeds and with much great stability and ease. Despite having big foils, GC32s are fast! Alinghi holds the record with a peak speed of 39.21 knots.

Unlike the AC catamarans, the GC32 features a more manageable soft-sail rig, has one design sails and no hydraulics. It is demountable with a two piece mast for easy transportation.

The GC32 is administered by the GC32 International Class Association ( In 2017 the class was formally recognised by World Sailing and was able to hold its first World Championship this year.

Source: GC32 International Class Association