Regatta – Time Mapfre – Xabi: “We always have to think about how to improve, how to give more and how to try everything better than our opponent.”





He has a good overall picture of the whole MAPFRE campaign. Supported by each and every one of his team, we speak with the skipper, the boss, the leader (though he does not like to say it).


An awesome 35th America’s Cup…

The experience in this edition of the America’s Cup on the AC50s was incredible. Being part of the Land Rover BAR team has been a really good experience for me personally, and I am now back to focus on the Volvo Ocean Race

What have you learnt?

In every project you learn a great deal, particularly when you make mistakes, and with this team it was no different. In this America’s Cup we also made mistakes, but I think that we were able to fix them and still give our very best. You look up to the leaders, and the people who you work with, and I learnt a huge amount from someone like Ben Ainslie; something I hope I can put to good use in this Volvo Ocean Race with MAPFRE

From the AC50 to the VO65… Is it hard or a pleasure?

I am lucky to be able to move from one side to another, from one project into another, and my mindset is completely prepared for that. I know the VO65. We decided a very long time ago to stop thinking that another way would be better, or faster, or comparing with the last time or the next. This is the boat we have. The team is really motivated and has a great deal of enthusiasm, and that means that the transition is much easier.

MAPFRE’s strongest point is…

I think we have built a very strong team, with very good professionals in each area. For many of them it is their fifth ‘Volvo’ too and that should help us to not make many mistakes; and that of course includes the sailing team that will be with me. I hope that by letting people do their thing and delegating responsibility to each and every one of them (because they are the best professionals in the world of the Volvo Ocean Race right now) the race will be enjoyable and will end up with the result we are all seeking, individually and as a team.

What do you have to do to lead this team?

What we have to do is let each do their thing in the knowledge we are all working to our best of our abilities, to support each other, give encouragement and back ourselves as a crew. We all know what we are doing. I hope we have fewest possible problems and that things will work out as smooth as possible.

What do you ask to your team members?

Right now there is little to ask because I see every team member’s attitude, the desire and the motivation they have; that says it all. But in the end, like any person who is in charge of a team, the only thing you hope and ask is that all members give their best. We always have to think about how to improve, how to give more and how to try do everything better than our opponents.