Monaco Yacht Show – TANKOA S693 – M/Y SUERTE


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The first boutique shipyard with a multi-cultural approach for yacht construction – has the pleasure to final unveils M/Y Suerte – 69.30m.


Edition- Adilson Pacheco
Fonte Gianluca Poerio/Sand People Communication
Post – 23/09-15:41



TANKOA Yachts is a project born late 2008, thanks to a very competent team of managers and investor already involved in the yachting industry, and with a long professional history of successes. Since its inception, TANKOA Yachts’ business plan is based on a new philosophy of yacht construction. “Boutique Shipyard” are the most accurate words to describe TANKOA’s philosophy, a top quality shipyard focused on yachts ranging mainly from 50 to 90 meters. Limited production, attention to details, use of the latest technologies, precision, rich specifications, ethics and emphasis on Italian building excellence are just a few of TANKOA’s values. TANKOA Yachts has opted for “a multi-cultural approach of yacht construction” by integrating various criteria. At TANKOA, the management team is proud to have successfully merged business ethics, high quality precision engineering, and Italian DNA in design and flexibility.

Two experienced and well-known professionals were deeply involved from the first steps of this fascinating industrial history: world renown and respected designer Francesco Paszkowski and naval architect Professor Vincenzo Ruggiero. They are working together on the first two yachts of 70 meters, following TANKOA’s philosophy guidelines in yacht construction, based on a total custom production where quality, exclusivity, precision and reliability are the main focuses.