International debut for the Cristian Grande designed Invictus 280TT – tender version of the best selling 280GT – from September 8th to 15th at the Cannes Yachting Festival. Invictus Yacht makes their international debut with the 280TT model at the upcoming 2015 Cannes Yachting Festival.

Editor – Adilson Pacheco
Source – Sand People Communication
Post- 25/08 – 16:50

For owners who never compromise, the new Invictus 280TT is the perfect boat for use in cruising or as a maxi yacht tender. Every aspect of the TT series is designed for flexibility, comfort and safety, as always with the best styling imaginable.
The 280TT has the same semi-reverse bow found on the GT Series, and is complete with an ample U-shaped settee that runs along both sides of the bow section. Below decks there is more space than what one would expect, thanks to the choice of the bow layout and the expert design of the area. This also gives her a bathroom with shower and dressing room in a single comfortable space. This is a great advantage for a yacht that, on paper, would only be used for quick commuting trips between the yacht and shore. Invictus wanted to offer more with the concept of the tender-yacht, so that with the 280TT you can choose whether to use her as a support boat or as a true yacht for day cruises. She is a sophisticated and compact vessel, filled with state-of-the-art equipment with an elegant and innovative design.
The innovations don’t finish here: the forward hull section blends in with innovative permanent fenders that blend in and follow the sweep of the hull, shaped to permit freedom of maneuvering and, obviously, to be pleasing to the eye. Her vocation as a sophisticated tender takes shape in the shape of the hull, smooth and imposing thanks to the lengthy fenders that underline, aesthetically and functionally, the constant day to day use that a tender undergoes.
The dashboard is fitted with the latest digital instruments and incorporates the passageway to the cabin, completely surrounded by an ample windscreen. The helm is located amidships and is equipped with a twin ergonomic seat, mounted on the forward portion of the central housing. The housing comes with a stovetop, refrigerator and cabinets – a small open-air kitchen.
The bathing platform is large and useful, while the after section of the boat covers the engine with an ample sunbathing cushion that can be enlarged by rotating the backrest.
The 280TT model is 8.9m long with a 2.84m beam. She is equipped with a Volvo 5.7 V8 inboard-outboard (max 320hp/240kw) giving her a maximum speed of 38 knots. Eight passengers can be carried and she comes with a dressing area complete with bathroom and shower and a fully equipped open-air kitchen.
Four color schemes are presently available: the delicate “Vanilla Sea”, the more aggressive “Attack Grey”, the sophisticated “Dark Shadow”, and the classic “Personal White”. The 280TT, like all the vessels in this series, is completely customizable.

Invictus is the answer to a challenge: to offer the national and international yachting markets a new point of reference in boat building for pleasure sailing. It was not by chance that the shipyard’s logo is a shield with a cross. This reflects great aspirations such as beauty, strength, protection and trust gained through tradition and experience in the nautical sector. Invictus Yachts are represented by various boats including the GT (280), TT(280), FX(270,200,190) and SX(280) which were all designed and built with the same high quality which has made the company one of the most admired in the world. The values of aesthetics, materials, state-of-the-art assembly techniques, reliability, flexibility and a long lifespan are a key company philosophy. Thanks to collaboration with the renowned Christian Grande DesignWorks studio, Invictus have given their boats a strong technological character combined with a fanatical attention to design. These elements have led to a clear concept of what a yacht should be – beautiful and comfortable, well equipped and superbly finished in even the smallest detail not to mention capable of coping with all types of use and weather conditions.


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